The invention provides a direct carbon fuel battery reaction device, belonging to the field of direct carbon fuel battery technique. An upper base (1) of the reaction device is coaxially arranged into a water cooling sleeve (2); the connection of the upper base and the water cooling sleeve is welded and sealed to form a water cooling chamber; an anode current collecting Pt net (12) is used for collecting current from the anode of a button-typed solid oxide fuel battery (16); two ends of an anode current collecting Pt wire (15) are respectively used as an reference electrode and a testing electrode; the temperature measuring point of a temperature measuring thermal-couple (17) and the button-typed solid oxide fuel battery (16) keep in the same height; the bottom of an anode chamber pipe (6) is inserted into the upper hole of a lower base (43); the lower surface of a quartz sand sintering plate (42) is provided with a carbon fuel thermal-couple (56); all pipes and sealing heads (46) are hermetically connected with each other. The direct carbon fuel battery reaction device of the invention solves the problem of water adding of anode chamber and the arranging of carbon fuel, realizes that the temperatures required by the running of fuel battery and the reacting of the carbon fuel are respectively controlled, avoids complex disassembly/assembly process and personnel scald, prevents the sealing invalidity and reduces the cost.

Direct carbon fuel cell reaction device
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August 29, 2008
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January 14, 2009
Shi Yixiang
Li Chen
Cai Ningsheng
ma youbeng
Tsinghua University
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