The present invention discloses a rhizosphere regulating fertilizer, which mainly consists of the components of the following weight portions: 100 to 500 portions of nitrogen fertilizer, 30 to 300 portions of phosphatic fertilizer, 50 to 400 portions of potassium fertilizer, 50 to 200 portions of fertilizer of middle elements, 10 to 100 portions of micronutrient fertilizer, 20 to 100 portions of organic acid, 5 to 50 portions of organic amine, 5 to 30 portions of biological active substance, and 200 to 1,000 portions of water. The rhizosphere regulating fertilizer has excellent effects on the regulation of the rhizosphere and can be widely used for field crops, cash crops, vegetables and fruit trees. And the rhizosphere regulating fertilizer has the advantages of low cost and stable effects, and can be promoted in a large scale.

Rhizosphere regulate and control fertilizer
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May 9, 2008
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September 24, 2008
Zhang Fusuo
Ren Xueqin
Hu Shuwen
guanchang renfeng hua
China Agricultural University
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