The invention relates to a pillbug extract, a preparation method and the application in the preparation of analgesic medicines; baked-dried pillbug powder is crushed and added into water to be decocted; then supernatant is obtained after centrifugation; the supernatant solution is decompressed and condensed, and added with ethanol for sedimentation, then the supernatant is obtained after centrifugation, so as to obtain pillbug extract extractum after decompressed condensation; the pillbug extract extractum can be made into dropping pills, dispersible tablets and sustained-release tablets, can be used for the treatment of stomatitis, tonsillitis, acute and chronic pain and other symptoms. The dropping pills and dispersible tablets have the advantages of short disintegrating time, good absorption and high bioavailability; the sustained-release tablets release stably, have long efficacy and are used for the treatment of chronic pain so that patients have better compliance. Because pillbug is non-toxic, non-addictive and has good analgesic effect, the pillbug extract is good analgesic agent and has good market prospect.

Dried wood-louse extract, preparation method and use thereof in preparing analgesic
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November 7, 2008
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March 25, 2009
Sun Fengying
Su Zhengxing
Tian Xiaole
Zhou Jie
Liu Danmei
Meng Qingfan
Teng Lirong
Chen Hongwei
Jilin University
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