The invention discloses a method for processing feedstuff such as distilled grains, etc. by mixed fermentation, and the strain is brevibacterium lactofermentus and candida utilis; the technique is that: strain liquid cultured by a third class seed is mixed and then inoculated in a mixed fermentation medium; the mixed seed liquid is inoculated in the mixed fermentation medium with 50 to 60 percent of humidity according to 1:10 of inoculum concentration; the obtained mixture is fermented by sectional fermentation at the temperature of 30 to 37 DEG C, and the obtained leavening is dried at the temperature of 40 to 60 DEG C, and packed so as to obtain a finished product; the invention adopts the sectional fermentation mode which is aerobic firstly and then is anaerobic, thus eliminating rape seed cakes or thioglucoside and gossypol in cottonseed crumb, increasing the total content of protein in the distilled grains, degrading the alcohol substances and decomposing non-starch polysaccharide substances such as cellulose, etc.; the content of the cellulose of the obtained feedstuff finished product is reduced from 25 to 11 percent, and the protein content is increased from 15 percent to 30 to 40 percent; the feeding effect of animals is good.

Method of mixed fermentation treatment using vinasse as main feed raw material
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April 15, 2008
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October 1, 2008
Li Gang
Wang Xiaohang
Wang Xinhui
Chen Yujiu
Wu Yucai
Li Hanbing
Sichuan Yibin Quanfu Feed
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