The invention discloses an injection forming intelligent control device, in particular to a melt filling intelligent control device used for injection forming processing, belonging to the field of plastic product forming technology. The melt filling intelligent control device is characterized in that the device comprises a material cylinder, a material hopper which is arranged on the upper part of the material cylinder, a heating coil which is wound on the material cylinder, a screw which is arranged inside the material cylinder and can rotate, a manifold, a plurality of valve devices, a sensor, a control unit and a die; the sensor which is arranged on the profile chamber edge can monitor the filling state of the profile chamber at any moment and transmit a signal to the control unit; the control unit emits a control signal to control the switches of all the valve devices, thus realizing the intellectualized control of the filling process; the valve device is provided with an electromagnetic-typed switch control device and can precisely control the switch of the valve. The melt filling intelligent control device has the effects and benefits of eliminating the melting marks of injection products and improving the quality and strength of product surface.

Injection molding intelligent control apparatus
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June 19, 2008
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November 5, 2008
Liu Chengde
Liang Ce
Cheng Xiaofeng
Li Yi
Liang Jicai
Zhang Wanxi
Hu Ping
houmeng yuan
Dalian University Of Technology
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