The invention discloses a simultaneous co-injection forming device, belonging to the field of plastic product forming technology. The device is characterized in that a middle sliding block and a cylinder of the device are connected with each other; the middle sliding block can reciprocate with the cylinder; a runner on the middle sliding block can be communicated with an internal layer resin runner on a positioning plate and a central column; the runner on the middle sliding block can be communicated with an external layer resin runner on the positioning plate and a clapboard; the resin which enters the external resin runner passes through a spiral concave trough which is changed from depth to shallowness to flow forwards by uniformly wrapping the central column, and finally flow out from a nozzle outlet by wrapping the internal layer resin, thus realizing the co-injection forming of two resins at the same time. The simultaneous co-injection forming device has the effects and the benefits of improving the shifting control currency of the device, improving the uniformity and the bonding strength of the external layer material and the internal layer material of the product, and solving the technical problem of the product which is produced by one-time forming at a single working position when the injection forming machine injects different external layer material and internal layer material. The core material can be high-strength recyclable material, thus meeting the requirement of energy-saving and exhaust-reduction.

Co-injection molding apparatus
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June 19, 2008
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November 5, 2008
Liu Chengde
Liang Ce
Li Jiacheng
Li Yi
Liang Jicai
Zhang Wanxi
Hu Ping
houmeng yuan
Dalian University Of Technology
B29C 45/16
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