The mobilizer (20) consists of an open, inverted ''U'' shaped frame (22) when view from above with the legs or the ''U'' pointed towards the rear. Pivoting caster wheels (30) are attached to the front lower corners and rear wheel support arms (50) extend rearward and curve downward each bearing a smaller non-pivoting wheel (52). Two vertical upright support members (24) rise from the frame and are equipped with height adjustment mechanisms. Horizontal arm support assemblies (26), each with a hand grip (86) and brake handle (94) are attached to the upper ends of the support members. The user is supported by his elbows and shoulder girdle resulting in decompression of his spine. The arm support assemblies can be pivoted 180 degrees so that the grip portions and the hand brake levers face the rear of the mobilizer at about waist height. This allows the user to stand and grasp the handles as he walks forward.

Mobilizer for exercise, rehabilitation and wellness
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
September 17, 2007
Publication Date
December 2, 2009
Blount Charles
Dashew Stanley A
Fu Qiangguo
Dashaway Company
A61H 03/04