The invention discloses an antineoplastic biological active substance, which can culture heart tissue to antineoplastic cardiocytes culture fluid. The concrete steps are that cell suspension is made, alternate freezing and thawing is processed and centrifugal is filtered. The invention proves that the disintegration liquid of the heart cell is anticancer reliably without toxic and side effects of treatment, which is divided into the liquid of medicament and vacuum freeze dried. The anticancer intensity and the toxic and side effects are both superior compared with traditional biologics, and the invention can be applied widely in clinical therapeutics of malignant tumour.

Anti-tumor biologically active substance and preparation technology thereof
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November 2, 2007
Publication Date
April 30, 2008
Wu Jingbo
weichang wei
Affiliated Hospital Of Luzhou Medical College
A61P 35/00
A61K 35/34