The invention discloses a solar energy lighting device which belongs to the solar energy utilization technical field. The technical proposal is proposed to solve the problem that the solar energy automatic lighting device cannot be integrated with the solar energy electric torch to a whole. The solar energy lighting device comprises a base (2) and is characterized in that a solar energy battery (E1) is adhered and fixed on the central position of the bottom of the base (2); a switch (K), a cathode plate (6), an anode plate (3) are inserted and fixed on the side wall position of the base (2); a front faceplate (5), a printed circuit board (4) and the base (2) are sequentially in bolt joint; the circular head part of a LBD (D2) is arranged in the circular hole of the front faceplate (5); an organic glass cover (1) is in rotational connection with the base (2); the solar energy lighting device is also provided with an automatic control circuit. The solar energy lighting device has the advantages that the solar energy lighting device is charged automatically in the daytime and illuminates automatically at night; the solar energy lighting device is small and convenient as an electric torch and can be switched on or off through the switch (K).

Solar illumination apparatus
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August 17, 2007
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February 18, 2009
Zhou Yingya
Gao Jun
wu zequn
Qibao Middle School Of Shanghai
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