The invention discloses a door handle control lamp switch, which includes a single touch pad, a single core metal shielded wire, a magnification triggering circuit and a drive switch circuit, wherein the single touch pad being metal door handle; the single core metal shielded wire being a metal wire coated with plastic ectoderm and insulating tape; the magnification triggering circuit including a safety resistance, a diode, a triode and a unidirection thyristor; the drive switch circuit including a memorization self-latching relay, a capacitance, a diode, a current-limiting resistance and a switch. The switch implements that turning on the lamp while opening the door and turning down the lamp while closing the door, which saving energy source and being safe.

Door handle control lamp switch
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August 16, 2007
Publication Date
February 18, 2009
Zhou Yingya
Gao Jun
song hu
Qibao Middle School Of Shanghai
H01H 47/32
H03K 17/96