A water-saving tap belongs to valves device, it mainly solves the problem of tap water waste and leakage caused by sudden water-starting flow when the tap is open after the water resource is closed. It includes knob switches, tap main water pipes, knob switches are connected with the valve in the tap main water pipe through the spool column, it is characterized by: water tank is installed between the tap water pipe and the tap main water pipe, the joint of water tank and the tap main water pipe is equipped with a floating ball, one side bottom of the water tank is equipped with a water flowing pipe, the water flowing pipe is connected with the inner cavity of knob switches when the valve is closed, the tap main water pipe wall at the right side of valve body is equipped with a via hole which is connected with the inner cavity of knob switches. It has the characteristics of simple structure, easy use, low cost, wide application range and water-saving and etc. it is widely used large-scale public places such as schools, railway stations, hotels.

Water-saving water tap
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June 29, 2007
Publication Date
December 12, 2007
Liu Chengde
houxiang dong
Liu Chengde
E03C 01/02
F16K 17/00