The present invention belongs to the field of medicine technology, and discloses a resveratrol Mannich alkali derivative, its preparation method and application. Said invention uses 3,5-dihydroxy (or dialkoxyl)-4'-hydroxydiphenylethene, various substituted secondary amines and formalin solution (or paraformaldehyde) as raw material and makes them produce reaction in conventional solvent so as to prepare the invented compound resveratrol Mannich alkali derivative. Said invention also provides its chemical structure formula. Its medicinal free alkali and medicinal have good action for preventing and curing several diseases of tumor, angiocardiopathy and inflammation, etc.

Verakanol mannich alkali derivative, its preparation method and use
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October 25, 2006
Publication Date
April 18, 2007
Wu Chunfu
Jing Yongkui
Li Liang
Wang Aiping
Li Jie
Chen Guoliang
liyu tong
Shenyang Univ Of Pharmacy
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