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The invention discloses a search engine with automatic classification function, it includes: the automatic collection and the pretreatment module, which are used to automatically collect the documents from the network, and carry out the pretreatment, and transfer the documents for the computer to read and real-time renews documents; the index module, which is used on the participle after the automatic collection and the pretreatment module processing formatted documents, after and separately gives the participle the word and the documents entrusts with word marking and documents marking, according to word marking and the documents marking, establish index access; the automatic classified module, which can be used in to train and classify automatically the formatted documents that had to deal with; the searches display module, which searches suitable document based keyword appearance in the server, and setups in the client. The invention can classify and search effectually and intellectualized document by Chinese and English.

Searching engine with automating sorting function
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April 29, 2006
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December 6, 2006
Zhou Qiang
li lanyang
Shiji Internet Information System
G06F 17/30