With the objective of evaluating whether a dose is excessive for a subject, such a dose that image noise reaches less than or equal to a predetermined value is estimated upon an axial scan on the basis of projection data acquired by a scout scan. The dose is set as a maximum dose. An area other than air, of an image obtained by the axial scan is partitioned into a plurality of small areas i. Image noises N(i) at the respective small areas i are calculated. A warning image G 1 in which all of pixel values of pixels in small areas in which the image noises N(i) are less than or equal to a predetermined value, are substituted with pixel values expressed in black level, is created and displayed.

Dose evaluating method and x-ray ct apparatus
Application Number
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December 1, 2005
Publication Date
June 7, 2006
Gohno Makoto
cheng tianzheng chen jingjun
Ge Med Sys Global Tech Co
A61B 06/03