System and method of multiple simultaneous capturing and playback of visual images. The system comprises a) a group of two or more cameras (110) and a system of transmission in real-time of the entire collection of camera signals either directly tot he end-user (viewver) or in a storage array (60), b) one monitoring system (20, 25) in real-time, of the image that derives from the above system, after it has been selected from one of any number of cameras (viewpoints), whether it is from a live signal or a recorded one, and c) a user-input system (30, 35) for the selection of the camera signal (viewpoint) that will be presented by the monitoring system.

System for live multiple viewpoint recording and playback of live or video recorded signal
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March 13, 2002
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December 10, 2003
K Apostolos
guo saiyu
Konstantinidis Apostolos
H04N 13/00
H04N 07/18