A first main body unit (ST1) supporting a substrate stage (WST1) is supported at four points by an antivibration unit (16A, 16B, etc.) and a second main body unit (ST2) holding a projection optical system (PL) is supported at three points on the first main body unit by a second antivibration unit (24A, 24B, etc.) Therefore, the first main body unit and substrate stage are supported stably and with high rigidity, and unlike, for example, the case where the first main unit is supported at three points, maintenance for the stage portion from the device back side (- x side) becomes possible. Further, since antivibration units are prepared in two serial stages, the effect of suppressing the background vibration from the floor surface is high. Therefore, this ensures improved yield of devices by precision exposure, improved device operating rate due to the reduction of maintenance time, and hence improved productivity for devices that are final products.

Exposure apparatus, substrate processing system, and device manufacturing method
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
April 3, 2002
Publication Date
July 6, 2005
Nishi Kenji
wu yuqin gu gongxia
Nippon Kogaku
H01L 21/027