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An apparatus for detection and quantitation of an electrochemically-detectable analyte, such as glucose, in blood or interstitial fluid includes a meter unit, a lancet and an electrochemical sensor. Of these components, the meter is preferably reusable, while the lancet and the electrochemical sensor are preferably incorporated in assemblies intended for single-use. The meter unit has a housing, within which a lancet is engaged with a mechanism for moving then lancet; a connector disposed within the housing for engaging an electrochemical sensor specific for the analyte and transmitting a signal indicative of the amount of analyte, and a display operatively-associated with a connector for displaying the amount of the analyte to user. The electrochemical sensor is adapted for detection of a particular analyte.

Combined lancet and electrochemical analyte-testing apparatus
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March 2, 2001
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July 9, 2003
M Steine
Jf Mcaleer
P Moerman
zhou beilin zhang shegao
Inverness Medical Technology
A61B 05/00
A61B 05/15