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In the joint soft water sealing and circular cooling system for cooling blast furnace, soft water is passed through furnace bottom cooling pipe, snake-shaped pipe, straight cooling pipe, small casing, mid casing, straight blowing pipe, hot wind valve and other cooling parts connected serially to parallelly; is then deaired in deairing tnak, pressurized and leak detected in expanding tank and cooled in the heat exchanger; and is finally pumped back to blast furnace. The present invention has the advantages of less cooking water consumption, less cooling equipment and low cost.

Joint soft water sealing and circular cooling system
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November 9, 2001
Publication Date
May 14, 2003
Zhou Qiang
Wang Xuefeng
Zang Zhonghai
wang minfeng
Wuhan Irom &Amp Steel Design General Inst
C21B 07/10