The present invention relates to a method and to apparatus for installing optical fibres in duct systems or like tubular runways, and then preferably for installing optical fibres in duct systems arranged in dwelling rooms in apartment blocks. By using a subpressure that acts from a centrally located suction device connected to the duct system, it is possible to draw one or more optical fibres (19), possibly simultaneously, by suction through a duct (13) in the duct system and lead said fibre or fibres to a centrally arranged collecting point common to said fibres. Handling of the optical fibre and feeding of the fibre into a respective duct is facilitated by placing the suction device centrally in the duct system and by placing a drum (20) on which the optical fibre is coiled at the mouth (14) of the duct, therewith enabling the fibre to be installed by a single workman more quickly than would otherwise be the case.

Method and device for installing optical fibres
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March 13, 2000
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April 3, 2002
P A Andersson
H Serrander
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